Generations Ladies Conference

May 13, 2023

10:00am - 2:00pm CT

Women from all ages and all walks of life coming together to worship, connect, and declare God’s faithfulness throughout the generations. Daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends with open hearts and hands, gleaning wisdom from the generations. An honoring of each other and a display of love that is timeless. Prayer and support for what God is doing in the earth and in each of our lives, families, and in the Body of Christ.

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Through the Generations

  • This generation grew up and most likely fought in World War 2. They fought in the Civil War for their rights. Women and men all combined powers to make their country a great one to live in.

  • This generation was born during the Great Depression. They are survivors. They learned how to save. They lived their lives hoping they had enough to survive.

  • This generation grew up in a time when the United States was prosperous, and the economy boomed. No more World Wars were going on, and the world was at peace for a while.

  • This generation grew up in a world of wars and historical events. Known to have the highest rate and highest level of education.

  • This generation is known to have more traditional relationships. Their relationships are known to be built more on conventional values.

  • This generation was raised in a state where people’s opinions and beliefs about controversial issues were split halfway. Independent but unsure.

  • This generation is more cautious about their actions. They are more tolerant of other cultures, races, and opinions. They are also known to feel like they are alone in this world and not supported.